A Kinder, Gentler Philosophy of Success | Alain de Botton

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01. "It's harder than ever before to ..."


02. What are we surrounded by? 


03. What is a snob?


04. What is the most common form?


05. Which question selects all?


06. What is the opposite of a snob?


07. Why are we not materialistic, does Alain think?


08. What has never before been so high?


09. And that has coincided with a spirit of ___?


10. To what is envy linked?


11. Why don't we envy the Queen? 


12. What kind of topics do you find when you look at self help books?


13. What is a meritocracy?


14. What is the problem if you believe in a meritocracy?


15. Who is now responsible for our lives?


16. You own your success, but also your ___.


17. Which random factors stand in the way of a true meritocracy?


18. "Hold your horses when you are coming to judge people". Why?


19. Why do we fear failing someone?


20. Sympathy is related to ___?


21. We are a linear society now. What does that mean?


22. Why are we now drawn to nature?


23. What do we associate with success?


24. We suck in messages from where?


25. Success okay, but let's make sure ___


Listen to the interview now and make up 2 new questions:


26. ________________________________________________________


27. ________________________________________________________

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