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For all the __________ that you  __________ on my parade
And all the __________  you get in __________ my name
You think you __________ my heart, oh girl for __________ sake
You think I'm __________  on my own, well I __________

And I didn't wanna write a __________
Cause I didn't want anyone __________ I still care
I don't but, you still __________ my phone up
And baby I'll be __________  on
And I think it __________ be somethin'
That I don't wanna hold __________
__________  you should know that
My mama don't like you and __________ likes __________
And I never like to __________ that I was __________
And I've been so __________  up in my __________, 

didn't __________  what's ________ on
And now I know, I'm better __________  on my own

Cause if you like the way you look that __________
Oh baby you should go and __________ yourself
And if you think that I'm still __________ on to somethin'
You should go and __________ yourself

But when you told me that you __________  my friends
The only __________ was with __________ and not them
And every time you told me my __________  was wrong
And __________  to make me forget where I __________ from

And I didn't wanna write a song … 

My mama don't …


For all the times you made me feel __________
I fell in love, now I __________ nothin' at all
I never __________  so low when I was __________
Was I a fool to __________ you break down my __________?

[Chorus x 2] 

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