Paddy Ashdown | The global power shift

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1. What’s going on right now, according to mr Ashdown?


2. How often does a change like this happen?


3. What did the previous upheavals result in? 


4. What is so new about the latest power shift?


5. Where has the power shifted to? [+/- 3:30 now]


6. And what’s new about large multinational companies? Who do they answer to? 


7. “Where power goes” … Please, finish the sentence.


8. What does he mean with governance? 


9. What happens to the weak, who do not participate in the talks? 


10. Where did civilizations gather? 


11. What has been odd/strange about the past 50 years?


12. “The world now looks much more like …”.


13. “We’re reaching the beginning of the end of ___?



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