Passenger | The Wrong Direction

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When I was a kid the things I did were __________ under the __________

Young and __________I never believed that love could be so well __________

With __________I'm willing to bet and __________the older you get

It gets harder to __________and harder to __________

It gets under your __________like a __________at work

The first __________is the deepest but the rest still __________hurt

You build your __________of __________

Get __________and sarcastic

And end up in the __________on your own


Irregular Verbs from the first verse: 

To Be - __________ - __________

To Do - __________ - __________

To Hide - __________ - __________

To Bet - __________ - __________

To Say - __________ - __________

To Get - __________ - __________

To Forgive - __________ - __________

To Forget - __________ - __________

To Hurt - __________ - __________

To Build - __________ - __________



Cause I'd love to feel love but I can't stand the __________

I hide behind my __________as a form of protection

I thought I was close but under __________ __________

It seems I've been __________in the wrong direction oh no



So what's the point __________getting your hopes up

When all you're ever getting is __________up

When you're __________up

And can't remember the reason why you __________up

You call her in the __________

When you're coming down and __________like an old man on the side of the __________

Cause when you're __________you don't want to __________

When you're together you __________to be __________

Ever the __________to __________the kiss of bliss

That made your heart __________

How much __________the __________is

With those rose __________glasses

But the butterflies they __________by and leave us on our __________




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