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Aan      at                     at work, at breakfast

            On                    the ring on your finger, picture on the wall, on the other side…

            To                    give to, lend to

Bij        Near                He lives near Cambridge

            At                    She was standing at the window

            By                    Let’s sit by the fire

Door     Through            He fell through the window

            By                    She was killed by a bullet

Met      With                We didn’t agree with him

Naar     To                    He went to Liverpool for a week

            At                    They threw tomatoes at him

Onder  Under               The cat is lying under the table

            Below               Thirty feet below sea level

            Among              We’re among friends now.

Op        On                    We are leaving on Monday. They arrived on time.

Sinds   Since               since 1978

            For                   He’s been absent for three days now.

Tegen  Against                        a bike against a wall. We have nothing against him

Tussen Between           Between 10 and 11

            Among              I couldn’t find it among all your mess

Uit       Out of              She did it out of love

Van      Of                    The legs of the table

            From                I knew from the moment I saw him

            Off                   The ashtray fell off the table [movement]

Voor    In front of        In front of the window

            Before              She arrived before 6 o’clock

            For                   This is a present for my mum.


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