Rita Pierson | Every Child Needs a Champion

You have got to love Rita Pierson. If not, watch her TEDtalk and you sure as hell will after that. 

On education, the power of teachers, the strength you can give the kids you teach.

  1. Rita has been involved in the field of education in more than one role. How?
  2. Why do kids actually drop out?
  3. What did she tell the other teacher, who said "it's just a lesson to teach, no more"?
  4. Which simple thing should teachers do sometimes?
  5. The classes that made her cry were "academically ___" ... What?
  6. Why did she make them say "I am somebody"?
  7. Why did her mum keep crackers and peanut butter in her desk drawer?
  8. What type of lagacy [ = erfenis] did her mum leave?
  9. Why are the tough kids never absent? Why are they there?
  10. Define a champion. "A champion is someone who ..."


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