The Apprentice 2016 | S12 E10

01. How many weeks until the final?

02. Which product are they promoting this week?

03. What has to go together perfectly, in Karen's eyes?

04. What are they working on on the first day?

05. What are they doing in East London?

06. Which ingredient is weird in Elana's choice?

07. Which name does Courtney have for his gin?

08. What is happening with the colony gin team?

09. What does Courtney say about the taste?

10. Who will lead the first pitch with the girls?

11. What does Claude have to say about Courtney's pitch?

12. Elena says they'll taste __________.

13. What happens while Frances is presenting?

14. How does Courtney do on the Tesco pitch?

15. What happened on Trishna's pitch?

16. How does Courtney's team pitch do with the pubs?

17. How come the girls didn't answer the phone?

18. How did Giin do? How much did Giin get ordered?

19. What does Frances say should have happened on her team?

20. What did Trishna say to changing the colour?

21. Why does Groinne apologize to Trishna?

22. What does Trishna say to Frances?

23. Who does Lord Sugar fire?

Overpopulated | Hans Rosling
The Apprentice 2016 | S12 E9