The Apprentice 2016 | S12 E9

01. Which world are they entering today?

02. What are they supposed to do today?

03. How are they dressed while working?

04. At what time do they leave the house?

05. Which point is Dillon making in the car?

06. What is Courtney pitching to Trishna?

07. For what occasion are the teams dressing up?

08. What does Trishna think of the name?

09. What is missing in Galactic Gordon's game logo?

10. When do they present their game? At what time?

11. What did they ask about the main character?

12. What did Sofian say about their own pitch? How did it go?

13. Why did Trishna choose Courtney as the subteam leader?

14. Lord Sugar is no gamer, but he understands massive __________.

15. What did Courtney do?

16. What does Courtney look like, in Karen's eyes?

17. How did Jessica do on the pitch?

18. Who is Coral Kid aimed at?

19. What did Sofian do wrong at the pitch?

20. Who got the interest of the experts? And the popular vote?

21. Dillon mentions what he thinks the problem was.

22. What is Dillon's critique of the logo?

23. Elana is quite critical about Sofian and Dillon: what does she say?

24. Lord Sugar criticizes the pitch. Who sets him straight?

25. Who gets fired? 

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