The Making of Modern Britain | Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr delves into history for a bit. Queen Victoria and what not.

  1. How did people feel when Victoria died?
  2. Name 2 things which happened right after that event.
  3. How many people were allowed to vote? And who?
  4. How much of the world did Britain rule?
  5. Who were the first to defeat England?
  6. How did the English respond?
  7. What had Lord Kitchener made?
  8. Who told Britain the truth?
  9. When did the Boers surrender?
  10. What did Gaulton think the poorest should do?
  11. The science of human advancement was going to save?
  12. All sorts of exports. What ended up in Germany?
  13. What were the inspectors investigating?
  14. So, why do people become poor, according to Roundtree?
  15. What was the telly of its day? Where was that?
  16. What used to be the grandest of music halls?
  17.  How did they try to "clean up" the shows?
  18.  How did Murray Lloyd take revenge for not being allowed in?
  19. What did Edward like?


20. How many courses could a dinner include?


21. Which group became a force to be reckoned with?


22. Why did they go on strike?


[ends at 34:19]

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