What's In A Word?

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Fill in the blanks on the following page with the appropriate word from the list below: 

1. boogie-woogie.    

2. hanky-panky.

3. hobnob.

4. hoity-toity.

5. hotshot.

6. hubbub.

7. humdrum.

8. lovey-dovey.

9. mumbo-jumbo.

10. nitty-gritty.



01. People who move away from the town tend to start missing the ___ of the city rather quickly!


02. Do you believe all that stuff on aliens and extra-terrestrials? I think it's all ___ myself!


03. Type of piano-style: 


04. Those two are all over each other; kissing and hugging, being all ___.


05. Ah well, just because you have the latest Uggs, doesn't mean you're such a ___!


06. New students have to go through loads of ___ in order to find a place among the older students in the



07. We wouldn't want our babysitter to ___ with her boyfriend while she should be keeping an eye on the kids.


08. Loads of times we want to do everything but we lack the time to really get to the ___ .


09. Ever since she got promoted she's gone all ___ on us!


10. He's never left his hometown. You could say he leads quite a ___ existence.


Now finally, try to come up with a synonym for each of the ten expressions used. Use one word or a phrase if

that's more appropriate. Good luck!


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